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Learning together

Energise Australia

Congratulatons to everyone the School Expo was amazing.

The Inquiry research topic for Years 5/6 was Energise Australia – the students learnt amazig fcts and shared their kowledge through videos, models, science rreports, power points and by talking with the many,many visitors that visited the Expo.

An smallexample of the students’ learning wascaptured on individual Jigsaws.

inquiry puzzle

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Are you ready to take a chance?

Have you Buckleys’ or none?
London to a brick.
Bet your bottom dollar.
Outside chance
Low risk

Beetle- Howmany rolls does it take to create a complete beetle? What data could we collect. How could we present it?

Beetle- Howmany rolls does it take to create a complete beetle? What data could we collect. How could we present it?





In the bag
Long shot
Once in a blue moon.

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Welcome to Third Term


Have the you the energy to uncover the mysteries of ENERGY?

Stay tuned, it is going to be a great discovery tour.

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Welcome to our reflection on the Goldfields



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Week 10 – Final reflection (Part 2)

The second part of the reflection involves thinking about the challenge tasks.  Sue wrote

Evaluating the challenge.

This is the fourteenth challenge and sometimes I feel like the activities are getting stale especially for those students who have taken part in more than one set of challenges. So over the next few weeks I will be adding new pages that you all can contribute to. Every month of the year, there are special events, festivals, birthdays of authors etc. Which ones do you think it would be interesting to write about? Find the post ideas page for that month and add your ideas in the comments. (These are found above the header area)

Now for your final activity – please evaluate the challenge by filling in the following form.

Please take your time and think about your responses, taking this opportunity for feedback seriously.



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Reporting from the Goldfields

IMG_0421[1]Welcome to the first page of the newspaper published as a result of the Sovereign Hill experience.

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Week 10 – Finishing up (Part 1)

Sue has many things for us to do as a reflection on the challenge.  I have split them over two weeks.

This week we will evaluate our own performance and effort in the challenge.  Next week we will think about the challenge itself and suggest ideas

We have had a great 10 weeks of blogging. You have learnt so many skills to help you improve your blogs. Many of you have improved those writing skills or maybe digital skills with using a variety of tools to embed on your blog. But it is now time to evaluate your progress as well as the progress of the blogging challenge itself.

1. This is an audit of your blog since the beginning of March 2015.

  • How many posts did you write?
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

Now ask another student and teacher/parent from your school who might not have read your blog to do an audit.

Sit beside them while they navigate around your blog, record what you observe as they interact with your blog. When finished, ask them the following questions:

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?
  2. What captured your attention?
  3. What distracted you on the blog?
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Write a post about your blog audit. You might copy the questions above and then write your answers. 


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Week 9 – What makes a good post ?

The topic this week is :



Problems like poaching, cruelty, extinction

Anything to do with animals

You are asked to ensure your post includes the essential elements in a great post.

  1. catchy title
  2. includes at least two visuals whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like padlet, glogster, wordle etc
  3. interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through, shows well researched topic
  4. well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
  5. shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
  6. written in paragraphs – at least three of them
  7. includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least two of these
  8. attribution for any images, video, music or clip art used – including those used in slideshows etc
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Week 8 – let’s travel

This week Sue invites you to imagine you have just turned 18, left high school and deciding if you will go onto university. What will you do for the next year? Many people will travel the world, working in lots of different countries and learning about cultures that are of interest to you.

This week’s activities are all to do with travelling. If you don’t like the ideas, do something that is of interest to you but related to other countries.

Please use one or more web tools you haven’t used before – eg glogster, storybird, flipbook, bitstrips, Kizoa – there are lots of tools to use on the sidebar of this blog as well as here and Edublogs staff have put together a great list including how to embed into your blog.

Planning your trip

  • Look at passports, visas, working permits for 3 countries you would like to visit.
  • Create a map showing your proposed journey – remember this may change
  • What will you need to pack? Remember weight limits when flying.
  • How will you travel?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Create budget for part of your journey

On your way

  • International signage for toilets etc, signs on roads
  • What will my money buy?- exchange rates – how much is a cup of coffee in 3 different countries?
  • Contacting mum and dad – know your time zones, how to use skype or similar
  • Flight times – using 24 hour time – how long are flights between major cities?

Visit at least one country in each continent (include Antarctica in Oceania)

  • Make a collage of where you visited
  • Teach us some of the language of at least three countries eg How much is a cup of coffee? Where are the toilets?
  • Create a story of your journey
  • Interview some of your employers or relatives you stay with
  • Create a playlist of 9 pieces of music or dance from your journey – not in English

Home sweet home

  • How will you tell your friends about your journey?
  • What were the highlights and lowlights of each country?
  • Where would you visit again and why?

If you need to use images remember to find those that are creative commons. I have also found some at Pixabay  where you have to download the image to your computer and then upload to your blog post (just include the name of the photographer at the end of your blogpost) and photos for class where you download an image to your computer and it will automatically have a watermarked attribution included.


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Multiplication Tables Made Easy

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